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Photographers, Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Fashion Parade Instructors


Exotic Exposure Modelling Agency & Academy has been established since 2010. Our office is based in Townsville however we supply Models, Actors, Dancers & Musicians Australia wide with over 400 Models signed with our agency.

This proposal is to supply and work directly for Exotic Exposure Modelling Agency. If you are successful in becoming a supplier of Exotic Exposure, you will have an extensive amount of opportunities for ongoing work. This will be a non-exclusive contract while working for Exotic Exposure and wont restrict your other business commitments, more just extra work we can provide.


Model Academy - Services

We are establishing our Model Academy courses Australia wide in order to develop our new models with experience and set them up with their portfolio requirements in order to be a professional model. Our Academy courses consist of Theory and Practical sections to the courses.

The theory side is a dynamic online course that will educate the models through Videos, Photos, Information, Quizzes and booklets to keep in their model bag. The practical side of the courses is where the models book sessions with our "Suppliers" (You) in order to give them on the job experience. The practical sessions we will require the models to do are:


Professional Model Photo Shoot 

  • This is designed for new models with no experience. Some coaching and assistance will be required with posing. (they will have completed our online course before hand so they should have a idea what is expected)
  • Including at least 3-5 images to use for their portfolio (Head Shot, 2 Full Length shots)


TV Commercial Skit - Tutorial (You do not need to be a Professional Videographer for this) 

  • This is where the model has to talk on camera in a mock production for a short commercial. Photographer please apply for this is you feel confident in providing coaching to new models attending this.
  • A script and fake commercial will be provided to you to base your TV commercial off. You just need to get the model to act and talk on camera. Most students will have never done this so you will need to provide some coaching where needed. The filming will need to be realistic but does not have to be edited to a professional standard.


Model Makeup Tutorial 

  • This will be a one on one lesson either at the models home or your studio/home
  • Finding your face shape and eye shape
  • How to use your makeup brushes and sponges (handout on how to clean them).
  • Colour matching (identifying what colours suit your skin tone).
  • Corrective makeup (how to contour and highlight)
  • Camouflage makeup (how to use concealer)
  • Selecting and applying foundation
  • Selecting and applying eye shadow colours
  • Applying false lashes
  • Learning how to fill in your brows
  • Learning how to apply gel eyeliner and pencil eyeliner
  • Tips & Tricks


Catwalk/ Runway Coaches 

  • We encourage any one with alot of experience in this field to apply. We can provide you topics to cover in the lessons.
  • Walking lessons for Fashion Parades/ Catwalk/ Model Comps
  • Posing for cameras on the catwalk
  • Different stage layouts and routines



Other Services Required

We will have other opportunities to provide the following services that are not Model Academy Related. Steven Reid Enterprises Pty Ltd is the managing company of Exotic Exposure Modelling Agency, Exotic X Entertainment, BOOK and GO. We get work for Photographers and Make Up Artist through Exotic X Entertainment as we organise Entertainment, Events & Activities for Party's & Weddings.

  • Photography - Portfolio Shoots
  • Photography - Advertising Campaigns, Editorials, Magazine
  • Photography - Events
  • Photography - Weddings
  • Make Up Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • Fashion Parade Coordinators
  • Wardrobe Stylist




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